About Us

Pierre Honoré Lefere was born in Pouilly Sur Loire, France 1948. His admiration for the earth and how it was used to build stunning structures came from his father expertise in Architecture. Pierre was always fond of the mountains and hills of his village, so when he saw limestones used for kitchens, he wondered how different mountains around France would change the look of the kitchen. His journey began at home, opening a family business which started laying limestone tiles. Once he obtained the suitable tools, Pierre moved to granite and marble worktops. Pierre began moving to other villages and discovering their beautiful materials. With this, Pierre created Artscut, a company that flourished through the diversity of France’s natural colours.

Pierre’s choices of stones ranged from granite to limestones. However, with the kitchen worktop, industry-changing Artscut decided to change with it. While we wanted our customers to have the strongest, most resilient materials available (Quartz), we also couldn’t let go of our heritage. Our beautiful colours which shaped our company. So, with expert engineers, we began shaping quartz materials to look like the stones which inspired Pierre. With this, we created our range of colours.

Our journey has seen our work move from our home in France, to Australia, and The United Kingdom. With over 2,800 members of staff around the world, and 26 production lines. Our success has given us a reputation as pioneers in stone innovation and incorporation of traditional and contemporary colours.

At Artscut, our satisfaction comes from knowing we produce the best quality stones. We want our materials to be an investment for all our customers. This motivates us to innovate the strongest and most beautiful products.

Pierre’s love for the stones of the world has remained until today. For this reason, we want to do our bit in protecting our beautiful planet. So, we use recycled stones in our manufacturing process. We also aim to make our production process as small as possible, because we use 93% natural quartz, the majority of the process is created naturally.