Our Story

ArtsCut is art that crosses borders, being truly an international stone. It is comprised of the finest minerals sourced from around the globe. Whilst always aesthetically stunning, its true beauty can be found in the knowledge that you are introducing a compound of the world to be the centre of your kitchen. ArtsCut stone brings the ubiquitous energy of that which is wholly natural and of the earth to be the life at the heart of your home. The ArtsCut ethos is to blend the personal with the practical. That’s why all ArtsCut pieces are lovingly hand-made and finished by only the most skilled craftsmen; every process that contributes to the formation of an ArtsCut slab is its own artform.

Originating from the picturesque French village of Colmar, the stone is permeated with an overwhelmingly artistic air of all that is natural and rural. ArtsCut shares its birthplace of Colmar with the iconic French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, who designed the Statue of Liberty. Its monumental heritage combined with the divine romance and passion of the brand’s French heritage is palpable in the delicate details and finishing of the stones. Art is inherent to French culture, producing some of the world’s finest creative minds such as Claude Monet and Henri Matisse and housing the most precious artworks. This atmosphere of fine art permeates the heart and design of ArtsCut stone, brought to life with accents of Parisian high fashion. The city of love and couture, of Chanel and Dior, of Givenchy and Louboutin is a notable influence on the graceful yet avant-garde style of the ArtsCut range.

The finest raw Quartz mineral is mined in India’s largest quarry by Baba Quartz, with the capacity to produce 300 tonnes of material per day. Baba Quartz is a transnational corporation with import centres spanning from East Asia to Dubai and Italy. There are two crushing processes and an intelligent Gyro Screen machine is used for the consistency of sizing. The final exported raw product has been trialled and tested through several standard chemical tests in a master laboratory, along with rigorous manual inspection executed by highly trained quality control experts. The Quartz is manufactured under the belief that a healthy environment is not only complimentary, but critical to a healthy business. The mission is to develop a high performance, high value product, whilst ensuring all production is carried out in an environmentally safe and eco-friendly manner.

This mineral is what constitutes 93% of the ArtsCut stone. The remaining seven percent is contrived of colour pigments and polymer resins. ArtsCut exclusively sources its resins from exotic Brazil, the markets leading innovator in polymer resin technology and engineering. The patented technology, is employed to engineer the elements of the composite stone. The slabs are pressed together using the vibro-compression vacuum process that leaves the most secure and non-porous finished product.

Reflecting of the globalised market we exist in today, ArtsCut takes pride in incorporating the worldwide labour force. The raw materials pass through the skilled hands of craftsmen from Asia, Europe, North America and beyond. ArtsCut transcends borders to bring you the perfect mixture of the world’s finest ingredients that will become the art at the centre of your home.