Artscut Calacatta Aurora 2023
Artscut Calacatta Aurora 2023

Artscut Calacatta Aurora

The beautiful infrastructures of Paris saw their architecture built with the most elegant Marbles. Stunning buildings, such as the Palais Garnier used Calacatta Marbles for their façades. While the marbles were not indigenous to France, they have become a part of the culture, as well as the infrastructure of the capital city. Marble in France dates to the ages of Napoleon, adding a historical edge to Marble products. With this historical style, Artscut has designed a stunning range of Marble Style Quartz.

Marbles are beautiful due to their inconsistencies and varieties. Some marbles have prominent veins, others have subtle and relaxing ones. Calacatta Aurora is a stone that is prominent and relaxing.

The veins swirl around the stone, creating giant rivers. These gentle, grey giants, give the stone a unique edge in the Calacatta range.

Calacatta Aurora works beautifully with traditional kitchen units. Although it can work with many colours, the medium grey veins combine perfectly with darker kitchen units.

The quartz benefits over the marble it gains inspiration from. Marble is porous and can scratch, whereas quartz is scratch and stain resistant. This is because, a combination of 92% quartz with resins create strong covalent bonds, which give the stone these hardwearing properties.