Eclipsia Britannica
Eclipsia Britannica

Artscut Eclipsia Britannica

Artscut Eclipsia Britannica is a jewel from the mountainous regions of Brazil. It combines vast swathes of grey with frosted elements of white. You can see the movement of layers of natural rock that have come together to create the masterpiece that is Eclipsia Britannica over hundreds of thousands of years. The stone has a rich texture, and is the perfect centrepiece of any home.

Quartzite is a distinctive natural stone that is different from marble in that it does not contain calcium, a mineral that can cause a vulnerability in the stone, particularly to acidic products. Eclipsia Britannica will not etch in the way that marble does when exposed to foods like lemons and oranges, with high acidic content. Therefore, Eclipsia Britannica s is suitable for food preparation and applications such as kitchen worktops, bar counters and countertops that require a luxurious yet sturdy stone.

Eclipsia Britannica is a quartzite stone under EU mineral classification, and granite in the US and China. It comes in very large slabs, with dimensions varying across batches. Each batch has its own unique beauty and will vary with every block, which is why it is recommended that you go and view the slabs in person and hand select those that will be used for your project.

Features and benefits of Eclipsia Britannica:

  • Luxurious stone
  • Very durable
  • Suitable for various interior styles
  • Adds resale value to any property
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Natural product
  • Non toxic

Available in a variety of earthy colours with unique aesthetics